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Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC), was established on October 31, 1985 at the premises of Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki, Finland. As the years went by, the world has changed, technology arrived, both countries changed a lot, and many of the founding corporations were merged with others, while new ones were born. Today, FPBC is one of oldest active Pakistan related business councils in the world.

Over the decade, FPBC has been stronger and more visible than ever before, and simultaneously the bilateral business relations have reached a new era, e.g. Finnfund made their first ever equity investment on TPL Insurance in 2022, and FPBC is also continuously supporting projects in education and TVET sectors, in sustainable energy projects like biogas, biodiesel and waste-to-energy. With over 350 companies in a decade, we are certainly connecting the dots for business.

Finland Pakistan Business Council is all-private, non-political, non-governmental association and we are there only to help private companies in both countries. Our events like are providing a professional platform where companies can meet and network, run presentations, negotiate on potential projects. Our daily operations are helping and advising companies, collecting market data, browsing for bilateral business and investment opportunities, identifying required sources to help with legal issues, regulators or just like practical operational things.

We are now pleased to share that starting on June 1, Finland Pakistan Business Council and SEED Ventures are working together to provide all those services to Finnish and Pakistani companies in Karachi, Pakistan. FPBC’s team in Karachi is Seed Ventures highly professional team, who has already helped many Finnish companies over the couple of years, and they also provided the report on Trade Potential between Finland and Pakistan.

Whatever you need to know about business opportunities, you can contact us in Finland or our team directly in Karachi, Pakistan. Please read more on FPBC’s website, or email us in Finland at office(at) and in Karachi at karachi(at)

We would also like to highlight that FPBC is the only registered trade organization for bilateral trade relations between Pakistan and Finland. We have been around for 40 years, and all the IPRs linked to name, events, purpose and operations are solely owned by the Finland Pakistan Business Council. We are fully independent and private – we are there only to support bilateral trade, business and investments done by the private companies. Because that’s how the world works.

Welcome to join the ride of growth, new business and trade!

More information:
Mr. Wille Eerola, Chairman of FPBC, email: wille.eerola(at)
Ms. Shaista Ayesha, CEO of Seed Ventures, email: shaista(at)