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Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC) was established back in 1985 at the premises of Central Chamber of Commerce in Helsinki, Finland. Actually, FPBC is one of the oldest still operating Pakistan Business Councils in the world! We came strongly back into business of promotion Finland-Pakistan trade relations in 2014 with the first ever Finland-Pakistan Business Summit held in Islamabad, followed by already over ten events in Pakistan and Finland.

Nowadays we might be stronger than ever during our history of over three decades. With Business Summits, other promotional events and wide selection of services available to our Members, we are continuing our dynamic work to promote business and investment opportunities in Pakistan and with Pakistani companies

We are an active organisation both in Finland and Pakistan and we welcome companies, organisations, educational institutions and private people to join us for growth, networking and new business!

Trade & Business


The future of Finland lays on the international growth and export. Where as Finland is a small country with a population of only 5.5 million, Pakistan is a huge market with over 240 million people and growing. Population-wise two very different countries but both need exports and trade and that’s why we got back to business in 2014 to help companies to network for new trade and business.

Pakistan has suffered a lot of the negative image in media internationally for too long but it is back now. In many ways it is the time for the Re-Birth of Asian Tiger – that’s what Pakistan was in 1960s and it is definitely back on tracks again.

Today Pakistan, a growing market with 240 million people should be in the export portfolio of every Finnish company. And every Pakistani company looking for new export should look at Finland and further to whole Nordic market with a small population but with one of the highest purchasing power per capita in Europe.

Pakistan is developing strongly and e.g. the massive investments from China through the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are opening plenty of business opportunities also to Finnish companies so we would encourage companies in both countries to open your eyes and browse the world.

Pakistan is offering plenty of opportunities to Finnish companies and insitututions in areas like digitalization, energy, environmental technology, defense sector, education, various industrial sectors, agriculture and food processing. Pakistan is a big market and there are opportunities almost in every business sector you could image. All you need are the right partners, and that’s what we are bringing to companies with our operations and events. 


Founded back ib 1985 by the biggest corporations and financial insitutions of Finland, and in 2014 it was time to boost Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC) back to the stage of promoting Pakistan-Finland trade relations stronger than ever before! One of the reason for our strong re-activation was the unfortunate closure of Finland’s Embassy in Islamabad in 2012 making the last physical link between Pakistan and Finland to disappear in Pakistan. We decided to make the change to happen!

Since 2014 we have hosted 11  Finland Pakistan Business Summit – events, both in Pakistan and Finland. We are all private, non-governmental and non-profit organization but we have been thrilled and honored to also have the leading representatives from the Government of Pakistan with us to highlight the importance of bilateral relations in business and diplomacy. In January 2017 the biggest ever Pakistan business delegation joined us to Helsinki and in March 2023 it was time for Business Summits in Karachi and Islamabad, next ones in Islamabad and Karachi in April 2024!

The concept and all rights of Finland Pakistan Business Summit, Nordic Pakistan Summit and Europe Pakistan Business Summit are owned by us, Finland Pakistan Business Council. The Summits are all produced by FPBC in cooperation with our partners and suppliers. We are there to support your business!

And eventually it happened, and with record-fast speed: Embassy of Finland in Islamabad reopened their doors on 1st September 2022, Ambassador moved to town on 1st October 2022 and Finnish flag was also officially back! 


Pakistan offers huge business and investment opportunities for Finnish companies e.g. in infrastructure, construction, education, healthcare, energy, cleantech, water, food and food production as well as within agriculture and IT/ICT sectors. Just a few to mention.

There are certainly still challenges in security and economy in Pakistan but simultaneously we are talking about a strongly developing nation with a growing, consuming middle-class. Even there are certainly some global challenges currently, there is that other side of Pakistan, which we would encourage Finnish companies to browse too! New shopping malls are built, new residential and housing areas created with many practical challenges linked to energy and water, for example.

Pakistan is growing and Finland and Finnish companies offer plenty of best technology, products and knowledge to match the needs of developing Pakistan.

We believe that Pakistan-Finland business relations create a perfect win-win package supporting both countries and markets in the best possible way. The diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Finland reached the milestone of 70th Anniversary in 2021 so there is a long bilateral relations to be continued for growing trade. 


We keep promoting Pakistan and Finland for business! Simple and effecive as that.

The operations of Finland Pakistan Business Council are managed throug a few industry specific Committees, which are specialised to handle questions, market data, challenges and opportunities of each business sector and helping our Member Companies to identify potential partners and business areas in both countries:

Energy, Cleantech & Construction: energy, renewable energy, water treatment, environmental technology, whole cleantech sector. Architecture and construction.

Healthcare & Education: cooperation between Pakistani and Finnish companies and institutions working with healthcare, health care technology and management and education sectors.

IT, ICT & Technology: whole IT and ICT sector, application and software development, game development, IT solutions. 

Trade & Retail: traditional trade, export-import business. Textile, food, materials, equipments, machinery etc. Whatever you want to sell or buy!

Art & Culture; various cultural projects promoting Pakistan and Finland and also matching with the needs of any companies PR and CSR programs. 


Finland Pakistan Business Council, established on Oct 31, 1985  is all private and non-profit, non-governmental and non-political association supporting relations between Finland and Pakistan in trade, industries, investment and other commercial areas. We all come from business and we belive that together we can make things to happen.

In order to fulfil this purpose, the association executes meetings, presentations and other similar events in order to explain the economic circumstances in the said countries to its members and engages in information and publishing activities.

We also support all cooperation between the Finnish and Pakistani universities and educational institutions. We also want to be active supporter of any cultural projects linking the two nations and the business people together.

Please contact us for further details and we can discuss how your company could do more business in Finland or Pakistan!


Business Summit -events are for business and business only!

All Business Summits are produced and planned by Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC) in cooperation with our partners and sponsors. It’s all private venture, from business to business.

Next one, Finland Pakistan Business Summit 2024 takes place in Islamabad and Karachi in April 2024  – click here for more!


In addition to all support for bilateral trade, one of our key areas is education including support of various projects in education export and education cooperation. This is somply because we do believe in education.

Please follow the web page of Honorary Consulate General of Pakistan in Finland for updates in this very important field!

We would welcome all educational institutions, companies and other stakeholders across the education sector to join us!


We would welcome you to join our modern dynamic path towards new business, growth and trade!

Please contact us for any further details about Finland-Pakistan trade or the Business Summits.

If you are looking for any Pakistan related news we would encourage you to follow the News Section of Hon. Consulate General and Facebook page of FPBC.

If you are looking for potential business partners, distbutors or customers in Finland please contact us for additional advise.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further details.

General inquiries about FPBC: office(at)fpbc.fi.

Embassy of Pakistan for Finland (located in Sweden), their Commercial Department of Embassy of Pakistan in Sweden and Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Finland will also help with any inquiries about business in Pakistan and Finland.

Please also read about SIFC – Special Investment Facilation Center.

“How many Finnish companies could really skip a growing market of over 240 million consumers? Or how many Pakistani companies have actually browsed the opportunities in Finland!”