Mr. Wille Eerola hosted a Finnish delegation to set of meeting organized by the Pakistan Army in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on 5 and 7 September. Meetings had representatives of all key stakeholders including public sector, Federal and Provincial Government, private companies and educational institutions.

These meetings included plans for expansion of the existing skills and vocational training programs in hospitality, including also a 3 years Bachelor program for Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as plans to launch Finland-Pakistan joint diploma programs covering skills training programs in construction sector in 2024. TAI, Turku Vocational Institute has been actively running and developing these programs with their Pakistani counterpart NUTECH since 2019.

“We are really close to the big jump on the TVET training in Pakistan. TAI’s team has actively researching the weaknesses and opportunities in the Pakistani TVET system and now in close cooperation with the institutions, government and Pakistan Army, we are seeing some very concrete steps taken in the very near future. This is really, really good news for youth of Pakistan”, HCG Wille Eerola stated.

Furthermore, talks to support teachers training and teachers capacity development was discussed, able to bring the best secrets of world class Finnish education system to Pakistan.

Second day was reserved for energy sector, including overall energy balancing strategies, opportunities in Waste to Energy and Biogas production in Pakistan, as well as professional plans to link Pakistan to carbon credit capture and carbon credit trading mechanisms.

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