Welcome to learn about Pakistan, business, investment and trade opportunities!

Population-wise Pakistan is the 5th biggest country in the world with over 250 million people. Despite its huge size, and all business and investment opportunities country is offering, among the Finnish companies Pakistan is still quite unknown market. 

Over the coming months we are hosting two very interesting events supporting the growth and need of the knowledge and awareness on Pakistan, sharing facts and opportunities on business, investment and trade between Pakistan and Finland. 

Pakistan is offering plenty of opportunities to Finnish companies and insitututions in areas like digitalization, energy, environmental technology, defense sector, education, various industrial sectors, agriculture and food processing. Pakistan is a big market and there are opportunities almost in every business sector you could image. All you need are the right partners, and that’s what we are bringing to companies through these events.

Please click here for more details and registration. Please note that due the arrangements on site, pre-event is mandatory by March 4, at latest: