Please note – warning of fraudulent activities !

We have been informed that there is a fraudulent message circulating in social media, promising working permits and visas to Finland. These messages has been done under fake profiles of Finland Pakistan Business Council and Embassy of Finland in Islamabad. In case of FPBC, the attached logo has been used in WhatsApp messages. Please note that FPBC is NOT issuing any visas or working permits and this person has nothing to do with us.
If you see the WhatsApp message shown below, describing link to FPBC for Finland Visa , please report to us: office(at) We are also aware of the senders mobile phone number.

Here’s the announcement by the Embassy of Finland in Islamabad as well, please contact them if you’re facing any of these issues:

Dear All,

We are reaching out to bring your attention to a pressing matter involving an individual who has been engaging in fraudulent activities on various social media platforms, falsely claiming affiliation with the Embassy of Finland in Islamabad. This person is offering employment opportunities in different categories such as storekeeping, security guarding, nursing staff, and cooking.

According to their scheme, the first phase involves collecting documents and obtaining approval from a hiring company in Finland. Subsequently, individuals are instructed to undergo medical examinations. Once all the necessary documents are compiled, victims are told to visit the Embassy of Finland in Islamabad to obtain the approved work permit.

Attached herewith are the WhatsApp details, Facebook page, and WhatsApp messages being used by the impersonator. We have observed a significant increase in inquiries for work permits at the embassy recently, likely due to the false claims made by this individual, suggesting a connection with the Embassy of Finland in Islamabad.

We kindly request your immediate attention to this matter and urge you to take appropriate actions to mitigate any further harm caused by this fraudster.

Click for contact details of Embassy of Finland in Islamabad

WhatsApp message profile picture used for false link: