A virtual signing ceremony was held between Finland and Pakistan on July 1, for a MoU signed between FGES, Finnish Global Education Solutions and Iqra University. The parties agreed to start a long-term cooperation for teachers training at the Iqra University eventually opening a Finnish School under the Iqra School System in Karachi and beyond in Pakistan.

“In Pakistan, we need cooperation and ways to learn from the educational systems in the world, and the best one, the Finnish education. Our main goal of this cooperation is to open a Finnish school in Pakistan and this is the beginning to train all of our teachers and eventually opening the doors of the Finnish school in Pakistan”,  Mr. Hunaid Lakhani, former Chancellor of and Founder of Iqra University said.

“Highly educated and appreciated teachers are the core of the Finnish education system’s success, to bring the joy of learning to children and that’s why I am happy to see that this cooperation is concentrating on the teachers training”, H.E. Marjaana Sall, Ambassador for Education at the Finland’s Foreign Ministry said in her speech.

“Education is not only something we need to focus but also an area where we need to focus more but also an area where we need to benefit from the wisdom that has been gathered by the education system all aver the world and I am happy to see this cooperation between Pakistan and Finland is taking place now”, said H.E. Zahoor Ahmed, Ambassador of Pakistan to Finland and Sweden.

“I am so thankful for so many things. It was like 5 years ago when I was introduced to Pakistan by Wille Eerola, Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Finland. Even that we are far away, and size-wise Pakistan and Finland are very different, I believe that we are much closer to each other in values as we might think and that is why I also feel that we are starting something quite big together for the future, and eventually building a Finnish school together”, Antti Kaskinen, CEO of FGES highlighted the starting cooperation. “Education is the hearth of FGES and our aim is to bring up people taking care of the development in emerging markets like Pakistan. Education creates opportunities and we look education in a very holistic way, making life better and we really look forward to work with the Iqra University team for a long-term cooperation”, Mr. Risto Vahanen, Chairman of the Board, FGES added.

“This is a very big and important step and something we have been pushing quite intensively for years now. It’s great to witness the beginning of the story to bring the best teachers training and teaching experience and knowledge from Finland to Pakistan”, Mr. Wille Eerola, Chairman of FPBC and Honorary Consul General of Pakistan concluded.

Please find here the links to all speeches (video clips on Vimeo):

  1. Mr. Hunaid Lakhani, former Chancellor and Founder of Iqra University
  2. H.E. Marjaana Sall, Ambassador for Education, Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. H.E. Zahoor Ahmed, Ambassador of Pakistan to Finland and Sweden
  4. Mr. Risto Vahanen, Chairman of FGES, Finnish Global Education Solutions
  5. Mr. Antti Kaskinen, CEO of FGES, Finnish Global Education Solutions
  6. Mr. Wille Eerola, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan in Finland, Chairman of Finland Pakistan Business Council (FPBC)