We were honored to join the virtual kick-off for Finland-Sri Lanka-Pakistan women entrepreneurship program run by Finnpartnership and Suomen Yrittäjänaiset on May 25, 2021 with over 30 participants.

Opening ceremony includes presentations by Birgit Nevala, Program Director of Finnpartnership,  Carita Orlando, CEO of Women Entrepreneurs of Finland,  H.E. Harri Kämäräinen, Ambassador of Finland to Sri Lanka and Pakistan and greetings from local teams in both countries by Zara Mandviwalla Akbarally from Sri Lanka and Shaista Ayesha from Pakistan.

“Small companies and entrepreneurs built the whole world! And now it’s time to boost that process by women on this trilateral level and I am so honored and excited to be part of this process”, Wille Eerola, Chairman of FPBC and Hon. Consul General of Pakistan in Finland said in his welcoming comments. “Some of those became big corporations, some remained small but contributed a lot to the societies and people around. But not a one company was born big, skills and passion of entrepreneurship were there to start things. Building those skills, access to funding, access to exports of new products and new services is what this cooperation will definitely bring”.