Mar 8, 2021

Yesterday, five years ago on March 7th in 2016, by the Credentials signed by the President of Pakistan, H.E. Mamnoon Hussain and Exequatur signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Mr. Timo Soini, FPBC’s Chairman Mr. Wille Eerola started his work as the fifth ever Honorary Consul and second Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Finland.

“It has been a great honor to represent Pakistan in Finland. Many of you know that I have been involved with businesses, academia, NGOs and many Governmental representatives in Pakistan for almost 20 years, but the last five years have been a flow of various activities in both countries, from education to business summits, from healthcare to culture and so much more. We celebrated 70th Anniversary of Honorary Consulate of Pakistan last year, in January it was the same 70th milestone of Finland-Pakistan diplomatic relations and now this great moment with five wonderful years – plenty to celebrate when the current Covid19 will be eventually over. Stay safe, I am looking forward to meet you all soon again”, Wille Eerola says:

“Big personal thanks to everyone for your support, and especially Prime Minister’s Office in Pakistan, Foreign Ministries in Pakistan and Finland, all the Ambassadors of Pakistan to Finland and Sweden who I have had a pleasure to work together over the years – H.E. Shahid Kamal who opened my world to Pakistan years before, H.E. Nadeem Riaz starting the process towards this position, H.E. Tariq Zameer being there to start this venture in 2016, H.E. Ahmad Hussain Dayo bridging further Finland and Pakistan together and now H.E. Zahoor Ahmed, taking another fresh and active start into this journey – always supporting First Secretaries, especially Najeeb Durrani and Irfan Ahmed being there every time for every need – as well as the absolutely wonderful staff of Embassy of Pakistan in Stockholm – Thank You!”

Throw back to 2016: Appointment of Chairman Wille Eerola as HCG of Pakistan.

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