A Virtual Brainstorming on business opportunities between the IT companies in Pakistan, Finland and Sweden was hosted by the Ambassador of Pakistan to Finland and Sweden, H.E. Zahoor Ahmed on 10th February. Mr. Wille Eerola, Hon. Consul General of Pakistan in Finland joined the meeting with around 60 people representing different companies from Pakistan, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

“Thank you all for wonderful opening session taking Pakistan’s IT sector to Finland and Sweden and beyond, not forgetting all the good things that we can make to happen in Pakistan! And as said, this is just the beginning – and it’s all about us to make it happen, no one else to blame. Around 60 people joined today – Second round on March 10 so please save the date and in the meantime, please keep thinking loud.Let’s ride!”, HCG, Chairman of Finland Pakistan Business Council Mr. Wille Eerola concluded.