Business Recorder / Associated Press

Textile group exports from the country during first two months of current financial year grew by 2.30pc as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

During the period from July-August, 2019, different textile products worth $2.215 billion were exported as against $2.303 billion of the same period of last year, according the latest data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Saturday.

However, on month to month basis, the exports of textile products were decreased by 5.32pc as it was recorded at $1.190 billion in August, 2019, as against the exports $1.257 billion of the same month of last year, it added.

In first two month of the current financial year, the textile products which recorded positive growth included raw cotton by 152.33pc, cotton carded or combed by 100pc, and yarn other then cotton 44.96pc.

The exports of other textile products which registered increase in their respective exports during the period under review including knitwear by 12.84pc, bed wear by 1.22pc and ready made garments by 7.47pc.

The textile group exports that remained negative during the period under review included cotton yarn by 7.76pc, cotton cloth 6.35pc, towels 0.20pc and other textile materials decreased by 15.46pc.

In the first two month of current financial year, the country earned $541.484 million by exporting about 20,731 thousand dozens of knitwear as compared the exports of $479.877 million of same period of last year.

Meanwhile, about 86,828 metric tons bed wear worth of $399.994 million exported during the period under review as against the exports of 72,114 metric tons and valuing $395.172 million of same period last year, it added.

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